Organizing Committee Member

Benjamin J. Davies

Benjamin J. Davies

Professor of Urology

University of Pittsburgh



He is a Professor of Urology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is the chief of the Urology Section at the Shadyside/Hillman Cancer Center, and also the director of the Urologic Oncology Program. He graduated from Columbia College with a degree in European History followed by obtaining a medical degree at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City. Following surgical and urologic residencies at the University of Pittsburgh he did a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the University of California, San Francisco. Since that time,he has published over 45 peer-reviewed articles centering on prostate cancer outcomes and basic science research in genomics. His clinical practice is focused on robotic prostatectomies, bladder cancer surgery including male/female neobladder reconstruction, kidney cancer surgery including robotic partial nephrectomies, and testicular cancer surgery.

Research Area

Urologic oncology,Robotic nerve-sparing radical,prostatectomy and cystectomy,Neobladder reconstruction,Testicular cancer,Kidney cancer