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Elisa Berdondini

Elisa Berdondini

Urologist and Reconstructive Surgeon

Gradenigo Hospital



Dr Elisa Berdondini studied medicine and surgery and she is specialized in urology at the University of Florence. The five years of specialization were intense, educational and very constructive, she realized that she was studying and learning to do what she had always wanted, surgery. As soon as she specialized, in 2005, she started working at the Center for reconstructive surgery of the urethra and genitals in Arezzo where she learned many surgical techniques and she was able to see national and international colleagues at work, in reference to urethral and male genital pathology In 2015 she started her activity as a consultant in reconstructive surgery of the urethra and genitals at various health companies and she was part of urological groups. In 2017, after having visited some women with urethral strictures, she decided to dedicate herself also to the reconstruction of the urethra and female genitals. She have transferred and adapted all the surgical techniques, learned for male pathologies, to the female anatomy, looking for less and less invasive solutions.

Research Area

Female urethral stricture, Male urethral stricture, Male urethrogenital lichen sclerosus, Lichen sclerosus urethrogenital female, Diverticulum of the urethra, Urinary incontinence, Urethral fistula, Hypospadias, Epispadias, Curved penis, Penile cancer, Urethro-genital trauma, Genital reconstruction following complications from previous surgery.